Lincoln logs, birthday vq

Conditions: 34 deg F, 92% Humidity, Frost on the grass Cop MNC x 26 ICT^3 x 26 ICPLANK while disclaimer and preview givenDive Bomber x 1 Mosey to the woods for power poles. Rendezvoused at field. Shoes may have gotten soaked. The thang 26 Yard Pole Tricks (2 man teams, 7th used bag): Bear Crawl … Continue reading Lincoln logs, birthday vq


B.L.A.C.K. Friday

Conditions: 45 deg F, windy We didn't have a registered Q today, but Putt Putt suggested a Black Friday theme. YHC recreated a stack workout using that. CoP SSH * 30 IC, MNC *15 IC, Chinooks * 10 each way, Sprinklers * 15 IC The Thang Grab one Cindy per PAX. Blockees * 5 Run … Continue reading B.L.A.C.K. Friday

Redemption- IronPAX Challenge Take 2

After accepting the IronPax Challenge, we decided Wednesday's would be our best day.  After an epic fail on Wednesday, when only 1 was able to complete the challenge, it was decided that we would attempt it again today.  Many #twitter responses about the workout were, "you couldn't pay me to do that workout again."  We … Continue reading Redemption- IronPAX Challenge Take 2

Danger Zone

The final day of Aviation week paid tribute to some of the awesome fighter aircraft of the US Military.  The PAX demonstrated their own agility, speed, and air dominance with today’s workout. Conditions: 74 deg F, ~85% humidity.  The ground was saturated as we learned at the end of the workout. CoP SSH * 30 … Continue reading Danger Zone

Game day 3 – Poker face

9 pax wrapped up game week by YHC. The forecast was 70% chance of rain, but that meant 30% chance of no rain. No fartsacking from this group of hard core gamblers. COP MNC with disclaimer, Chinooks, Sprinklers, Tunnels, and Don Quixote IC x some random number. Mosey to back lot. The Thang Run perimeter … Continue reading Game day 3 – Poker face

If you ain’t first, you’re last

Conditions: 63 deg F, 87% humidity (ball of man at the end of the workout is starting to get funky) YHC hates running. It’s not even a love-hate relationship. It’s hate-hate. I just don’t enjoy it, even the end of it. But it’s good for us, right? To make the Friday Shuffle more tolerable, I … Continue reading If you ain’t first, you’re last