It’s All About the Pace, No Treble

Week 3 of GoRuck Light training. So today was about tackling the unknown by watching your pace.  A new path was discovered while 5 Ruckers set out to accomplish a challenge of an additional 1/2 Mile added to the usual 3 mile Thursday Ruck but keep the usual time of a 1 hour limit. Much … Continue reading It’s All About the Pace, No Treble


Basic Ruck with Coupons

The morning started with a disclaimer then coupons were revealed. 1 log (120lbs...ish), 2 sandbags (60lbs ea.), 1 bucket with 40lb bag, 1 bag of deer corn (40lbs), and a stretcher. 2 items were voted out and not carried (1 60 lb sandbag and the 40lb bucket).  Total weight carried by the 7 PAX, including … Continue reading Basic Ruck with Coupons

Matrix of pain

COP #23 inspired warm up:  SSH, Walkers, Chinnooks, Tunnels, etc.  YHC tried to honor Michael Jordan’s achievement in 1991 on this day where he achieved 15,000 total career points.  Poor counting by YHC made this less effective than planned. THE THANG Mosey to the back parking lot for a MATRIX inspired workout where rep count … Continue reading Matrix of pain

Arms and Legs

On this fine, cool Fall morning 8 reported for some alternating arm and leg work. Started with a warmup to get our blood flowing and then moseyed over to get cinder blocks to assist us in our exercises. Cycled through a couple of arm exercises, a couple of leg exercises and a short break.  Goal … Continue reading Arms and Legs

A Rucking Good Time

Event Date: 1/11/18 ... Sameday Backblast standard not achieved 4 rucked.  135 lbs of combined weight.  3 miles.  52 minutes.  Ground was wet, air was humid, temperature was just right. Mumblechatter summary reserved for those who partake in the ruck.  Only piece of advice is to avoid Urgent Care 24/7 in Pooler if possible ... … Continue reading A Rucking Good Time

Unofficial unscheduled unnamed

Date: December 7, 2017 Conditions: 50 deg F, 100% humidity, light rain YHC has rucked only one time prior to today. When asked if I'd participate in Pooler, my only excuse was the lack of rucking equipment. I have not diversified my portfolio by investing in GoRuck yet, so had to improvise. The internet suggested … Continue reading Unofficial unscheduled unnamed