Arms and Legs

On this fine, cool Fall morning 8 reported for some alternating arm and leg work. Started with a warmup to get our blood flowing and then moseyed over to get cinder blocks to assist us in our exercises. Cycled through a couple of arm exercises, a couple of leg exercises and a short break.  Goal … Continue reading Arms and Legs


A Rucking Good Time

Event Date: 1/11/18 ... Sameday Backblast standard not achieved 4 rucked.  135 lbs of combined weight.  3 miles.  52 minutes.  Ground was wet, air was humid, temperature was just right. Mumblechatter summary reserved for those who partake in the ruck.  Only piece of advice is to avoid Urgent Care 24/7 in Pooler if possible ... … Continue reading A Rucking Good Time

Unofficial unscheduled unnamed

Date: December 7, 2017 Conditions: 50 deg F, 100% humidity, light rain YHC has rucked only one time prior to today. When asked if I'd participate in Pooler, my only excuse was the lack of rucking equipment. I have not diversified my portfolio by investing in GoRuck yet, so had to improvise. The internet suggested … Continue reading Unofficial unscheduled unnamed