Matrix Reload

Like many sequels, this one was similar to the first but a little more awful.  14 pax said no to the blue pill and showed up to learn the truth about their own limits in the Matrix of Pain. Conditions: Upper 50’s, mild humidity, dry Short warm-up of 13 SSH, 13 Imperial Walkers and 13 … Continue reading Matrix Reload


Happy Polar Bear Day!!

9 Pax posted to celebrate Polar Bear Day. With an exercised Flyover Rule in Effect (2 planes @ 5 Burpees ea). Disclaimer given while stretching individually. Thang Mosey to pick up the cinder blocks. The polar bear themed routine consisted of 5 stations approx 100-150 yds apart. Cindys moved with Pax during celebration. Reps of … Continue reading Happy Polar Bear Day!!

Sniper Blockorama

13 pax posted in the gloom for a tribute to Chris Kyle AKA American Sniper. COP Plank while disclaimer. YHC is not a professional and has no certification. Proceed at your own risk. SSH x 25 TTT x 15 Chinooks x 10 each way Sprinklers x 15 Black snake run the long way around to … Continue reading Sniper Blockorama

37 EMOM’s for a 37th Bday Q

Conditions: 29 deg F, feels like 22 deg YHC turned 37 yesterday. A perfect excuse to pick up the Q and choose random numbers to correlate to each other somehow. February 3 is also YHC’s 2 year anniversary of being in F3. CoP SSH * 40 IC T^3 * 15 IC Chinooks * 15 IC … Continue reading 37 EMOM’s for a 37th Bday Q

Farmer Dora

9 pax warmed up  while anxiously awaiting a 10th. COT mnc, ssh, chinooks, TTT all in cadence random reps. Mosey to the Cindy’s. Once we had the coupons we noticed our FNG arrived. Mosey back and pick him up, disclaimer given. 10 pax! The Thang Pair up. Pax A grabs Cindy’s and farmer carry to … Continue reading Farmer Dora

Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

36 degrees, clear 11 pax honored YHC by posting on a cooler than normal morning for his birthday Q. Disclaimer given and the part began. COP MNC x 26 + Sprinklers x 27 = 53 SSH x 53 Mosey to the cindys The Thang Everyone likes cake for their birthday so we set in to … Continue reading Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

Lanes of Pain

Conditions: 33 deg F, feels like 28 deg with the wind chill CoP Called that the Flyover Rule was in effect ... 10 burpees for any aircraft flying overhead. SSH * 30 IC, MNC, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers, T^3, Slow squats, Planks, Merkins All done in cadence at 10-15 each.  Disclaimer given during plank. The Thang … Continue reading Lanes of Pain

Agility Training VQ

6 pax posted for YHC’s first workout lead.  Based on comments received, seems some hope it will be his last...  Focus on agility and side to side motions. Conditions 58F, 95% humidity / 55deg dew point.  A bit damp and breezy.  Thankful for no rain. COP SSH, Imperial Walkers and Chinooks in cadence.  Micheal Phelps … Continue reading Agility Training VQ