The 12 days of Christmas

A brisk 35 degrees today but it was clear and dry Only 6 came out today and a few are still wearing shorts! COP SSH x 20 Moroccan nightclubs x 20 Imperial walkers x 20 Through the tunnel x 15 Dive bombers and gave the disclaimer The Thang Since there was not enough time to do … Continue reading The 12 days of Christmas


Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

36 degrees, clear 11 pax honored YHC by posting on a cooler than normal morning for his birthday Q. Disclaimer given and the part began. COP MNC x 26 + Sprinklers x 27 = 53 SSH x 53 Mosey to the cindys The Thang Everyone likes cake for their birthday so we set in to … Continue reading Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

Lanes of Pain

Conditions: 33 deg F, feels like 28 deg with the wind chill CoP Called that the Flyover Rule was in effect ... 10 burpees for any aircraft flying overhead. SSH * 30 IC, MNC, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers, T^3, Slow squats, Planks, Merkins All done in cadence at 10-15 each.  Disclaimer given during plank. The Thang … Continue reading Lanes of Pain

Agility Training VQ

6 pax posted for YHC’s first workout lead.  Based on comments received, seems some hope it will be his last...  Focus on agility and side to side motions. Conditions 58F, 95% humidity / 55deg dew point.  A bit damp and breezy.  Thankful for no rain. COP SSH, Imperial Walkers and Chinooks in cadence.  Micheal Phelps … Continue reading Agility Training VQ

Dora was a country boy

6 pax posted for some core work in hopes of a better 6 pack. COP MNC, Chinooks, TTT, Sprinklers, plank while disclaimer given. Most IC. Maybe there were more but in the November heat YHC can’t remember. 68 degrees, hot and sticky (not in a good Cinnabon way) The Thang Music playing Up/down by Florida … Continue reading Dora was a country boy

Legs & Abs & Legs & Abs & …

Conditions:  72 deg, 94% humidity ... almost felt cool The rule of thumb is that if a planned workout looks good on paper, it will generally be harder than it looks.  YHC wanted a focus on legs after Monday’s upper body beatdown, but also didn’t want to burn the PAX completely out in the first … Continue reading Legs & Abs & Legs & Abs & …


Conditions: 74 deg F, 98% Humidity CoP: Silent SSH (first 5 IC, remaining 16 silent.  If we don’t stop together at 21, 5 burpee penalty). Needless to say, 5 Burpees 20 MNC IC 10 Chinooks each way IC 15 Hilbilly’s IC (where’s Hillbilly been lately?) 15 T^3 IC 15 slow squats IC The Thang Mosey … Continue reading Elevens

Iron Pax challenge weak 3“The Goblin Killer”

13 pax subjected themselves to the relentless torture of week 3 Ian Pax. It was hot and humid but were used to it. Yes YHC knows its supposed to be week 3 , but weak seemed appropriate. COP Disclaimer given , ssh, tunnels,Chinooks performed IC with various rep count. Moseyed for cindys. The Thang Iron … Continue reading Iron Pax challenge weak 3“The Goblin Killer”