A case of the Q-Less Mondays

We were Q-less going into today.  After a suggestion that the last arrival should take the Q (would’ve been Putt Putt), a couple of the PAX suggested they would lead certain elements of the workout. CoP DQ started us out with: SSH * 10 ICMNC * 10 ICChinooks * 10 IC each wayTTT * 15 … Continue reading A case of the Q-Less Mondays


Happy Bear crawls

57 degrees & foggy. 6 pax posted on a holiday week Monday. COT Plank while disclaimer. MNC, TTT, Don Quixote, Sprinklers, Chinooks, All IC with random reps. The Thang SSH to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams played on YHC speaker. When the chorus “because I’m happy” played, a burpee was performed. Squats were … Continue reading Happy Bear crawls

Veteran’s Day Battlefield

This Veteran’s Day YHC was inspired to honor those who served and fought in WWI. On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour the Armistice was signed ending hostilities. So today we are focusing on 11s. COP SSH, Imperial Walkers, 4-Count Squats all in cadence and times 11. Mosey to pick … Continue reading Veteran’s Day Battlefield

Guest Q-pons

A surprise guest Q from the region Nantan Salmonella.  He came prepared for a large turnout, and only 5 Pooler PAX posted ... much lower than the recent Monday turnouts in Pooler. Conditions: 72 deg, 90% humid, a nice breeze except for the exact location where the coupons were stationed. Salmonella’s Abnormal Backblast Salmonella sent … Continue reading Guest Q-pons

Lazy Dora Jump rope

11 pax posted for some pain called Dora. She was pretty cruel for a animated cartoon. COP Disclaimer given while in plank, dive bombers, MNC, SSH, Abe Vigoda, Willie Mays , Chinooks, sprinklers, in varying reps IC. Grab your jump rope and mosey to the cindys. The Thang Partner up. While pax one is holding … Continue reading Lazy Dora Jump rope

Negatives for Positive Gains

Conditions:  78 deg F, 98% humidity, zero breeze CoP Quick warmup as we’d be tight on time today Michael Phelps OYO during Disclaimer Big Arm Circles OYO T^3 * 10 IC Imperial Walkers * 10 IC Thanks to Footlong and Armpit’s late arrival, we all did 10 burpees The Thang Mosey to the pull up … Continue reading Negatives for Positive Gains

Back to School Billy Maddison Style

YHC is glad to take a Theme Week workout, and with kids in school buses and traffic is slow moving everywhere in the mornings it must be Back to School time.  11 PAX also went back to school starting in Nursery School and moving through all 12 grades before graduating. COP SSH x 30 IC, … Continue reading Back to School Billy Maddison Style

Stealth Bombers

Theme week #2:  Aviation Given the large presence of Gulfstream employees in Pooler, and YHCs own passion for all things that fly, this seemed like an appropriate theme for the second one of 2018.  Big shoes to fill after Flat Tire’s awesome theme last week. Conditions: ~79 deg F, Humidity level Muggy (though somebody commented … Continue reading Stealth Bombers

Musical Chairs

12 Pax posted for the first morning of “Games” theme week. Several PAX have agreed to take the Q for an entire week and have workouts with a theme. YHC decided to have a Game week and kicked it off with Musical Chairs. Hot, humid, and muggy. COP Planked during disclaimer, Don Quixote IC X … Continue reading Musical Chairs

Desconstructed Tabata

Conditions 73 deg F, 90% humidity CoP SSH * 30 IC Planks while disclaimer given Right arm high for 30 seconds Let arm high for 30 seconds 3 dive bombers T^3 * 15 IC Don Quixote * 10 IC MNC * 12 IC The Thang 3 cycles of a 9 exercise Tabata set of deconstructed … Continue reading Desconstructed Tabata