A case of the Q-Less Mondays

We were Q-less going into today.  After a suggestion that the last arrival should take the Q (would’ve been Putt Putt), a couple of the PAX suggested they would lead certain elements of the workout. CoP DQ started us out with: SSH * 10 ICMNC * 10 ICChinooks * 10 IC each wayTTT * 15 … Continue reading A case of the Q-Less Mondays


The 12 days of Christmas

A brisk 35 degrees today but it was clear and dry Only 6 came out today and a few are still wearing shorts! COP SSH x 20 Moroccan nightclubs x 20 Imperial walkers x 20 Through the tunnel x 15 Dive bombers and gave the disclaimer The Thang Since there was not enough time to do … Continue reading The 12 days of Christmas

Lincoln logs, birthday vq

Conditions: 34 deg F, 92% Humidity, Frost on the grass Cop MNC x 26 ICT^3 x 26 ICPLANK while disclaimer and preview givenDive Bomber x 1 Mosey to the woods for power poles. Rendezvoused at field. Shoes may have gotten soaked. The thang 26 Yard Pole Tricks (2 man teams, 7th used bag): Bear Crawl … Continue reading Lincoln logs, birthday vq

Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

36 degrees, clear 11 pax honored YHC by posting on a cooler than normal morning for his birthday Q. Disclaimer given and the part began. COP MNC x 26 + Sprinklers x 27 = 53 SSH x 53 Mosey to the cindys The Thang Everyone likes cake for their birthday so we set in to … Continue reading Burpee Birthday cake with frosting

Get Up and Get Down

8 PAX posted for a workout on a chilly 40 degree, low humidity...I think, morning in the gloom. Warm-Up: Planks and disclaimer Thru the Tunnels Dive Bombers Don Quixotes Merkins Moroccan Nightclubs Mountain Climbers Chinooks Side Straddle Hops LBC's Imperial Walkers American Hammers Hillbillies Bupees Air Squats Superman Short Indian Run Routine: Motivated by various … Continue reading Get Up and Get Down

Lanes of Pain

Conditions: 33 deg F, feels like 28 deg with the wind chill CoP Called that the Flyover Rule was in effect ... 10 burpees for any aircraft flying overhead. SSH * 30 IC, MNC, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers, T^3, Slow squats, Planks, Merkins All done in cadence at 10-15 each.  Disclaimer given during plank. The Thang … Continue reading Lanes of Pain

Happy Bear crawls

57 degrees & foggy. 6 pax posted on a holiday week Monday. COT Plank while disclaimer. MNC, TTT, Don Quixote, Sprinklers, Chinooks, All IC with random reps. The Thang SSH to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams played on YHC speaker. When the chorus “because I’m happy” played, a burpee was performed. Squats were … Continue reading Happy Bear crawls

Agility Training VQ

6 pax posted for YHC’s first workout lead.  Based on comments received, seems some hope it will be his last...  Focus on agility and side to side motions. Conditions 58F, 95% humidity / 55deg dew point.  A bit damp and breezy.  Thankful for no rain. COP SSH, Imperial Walkers and Chinooks in cadence.  Micheal Phelps … Continue reading Agility Training VQ

Veteran’s Day Battlefield

This Veteran’s Day YHC was inspired to honor those who served and fought in WWI. On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour the Armistice was signed ending hostilities. So today we are focusing on 11s. COP SSH, Imperial Walkers, 4-Count Squats all in cadence and times 11. Mosey to pick … Continue reading Veteran’s Day Battlefield