Happy Polar Bear Day!!

9 Pax posted to celebrate Polar Bear Day. With an exercised Flyover Rule in Effect (2 planes @ 5 Burpees ea). Disclaimer given while stretching individually. Thang Mosey to pick up the cinder blocks. The polar bear themed routine consisted of 5 stations approx 100-150 yds apart. Cindys moved with Pax during celebration. Reps of … Continue reading Happy Polar Bear Day!!


Blockbuster Monday

11 came out the day after the Oscars for a full blockbuster beatdown. Disclaimer was administered and then we began. COP MNC (15IC), Chinooks (10IC ea direction), 4-ct Squats (20IC), TTT (15IC), Merkins (13IC), Windmill (15IC). Mosey to pick up coupon. Thang Mosey around alternating with shuffle and walking, also alternating with block held overhead … Continue reading Blockbuster Monday

Dance, Eat, and Mosey

6 Pax posted in the extra gloomy hour for a Friday beat down COP Disclaimer given in plank. The presence of YHC’s Bluetooth speaker was the first sign that the Q would include some of his favorite music. Usually this means a country song set to some random moves from the exicon. Today would not … Continue reading Dance, Eat, and Mosey

Sprints & A Hose

Conditions: 49 deg F, perfect gloom weather YHC was hoping for a strong turnout to gauge interest in purchasing a battle rope. Only 5 posted ... well below our recent average. The 5 of us decided we are a go for battle rope purchase. CoP Disclaimer during plank, right arm up with arm circles, back … Continue reading Sprints & A Hose

It’s All About the Pace, No Treble

Week 3 of GoRuck Light training. So today was about tackling the unknown by watching your pace.  A new path was discovered while 5 Ruckers set out to accomplish a challenge of an additional 1/2 Mile added to the usual 3 mile Thursday Ruck but keep the usual time of a 1 hour limit. Much … Continue reading It’s All About the Pace, No Treble

Basic Ruck with Coupons

The morning started with a disclaimer then coupons were revealed. 1 log (120lbs...ish), 2 sandbags (60lbs ea.), 1 bucket with 40lb bag, 1 bag of deer corn (40lbs), and a stretcher. 2 items were voted out and not carried (1 60 lb sandbag and the 40lb bucket).  Total weight carried by the 7 PAX, including … Continue reading Basic Ruck with Coupons

Sniper Blockorama

13 pax posted in the gloom for a tribute to Chris Kyle AKA American Sniper. COP Plank while disclaimer. YHC is not a professional and has no certification. Proceed at your own risk. SSH x 25 TTT x 15 Chinooks x 10 each way Sprinklers x 15 Black snake run the long way around to … Continue reading Sniper Blockorama